Program Planning Committee

Chair: TBD/Vacant

The Program Planning Committee is chaired by the CS-SIS Chair.  He/she is responsible for soliciting, coordinating, and submitting programs for the AALL Annual Meeting. 

The Vice Chair and Senior Member at Large make up the rest of the committee, with the Senior MAL in charge of non-AMPC programming.  The remainder of the Executive Board assists in prioritizing the submission of the programs.

The chair:

  • solicits program ideas.  Schedules and presides at program planning meeting at the CALI Conference.  Presides at program planning meeting at prior year's AALL Annual Meeting.
  • prepares list of program ideas, who recommended, possible speakers & coordinators.
  • coordinates program proposals by CS members.  Suggests revisions based on AALL guidelines and best practices. (Suggest proposal writers send to chair 9 days before due allowing time for review)
  • makes sure program proposals are submitted on time to AMPC. 
  • after AMPC sends back list of all submitted CS sponsored programs, prioritizes programs with assistance of Executive Board.
  • after list of accepted programs has been received from AMPC, identify programs, roundtables and workshops which CS may want to sponsor ourselves.
  • prepares the time schedule (matrix) for all CS sponsored activities at the AALL annual meeting, including section-sponsored programs, business and board meetings, standing and ad hoc committee meetings, and roundtables.
  • reports briefly on the committee's activities at the CS-SIS business meeting.
  • submits a written report to the CS-SIS Chair detailing the committee's activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year.  Also sends a copy to the Secretary / Treasurer.

See the AALL Program Planners Handbook at