Minutes from the 2012 Business Meeting

July 24, 2012

CS-SIS Business Meeting
Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 7:00am
Sheraton Berkeley A-B

Meg Kribble, Chair of CS-SIS, opened the 2012 business meeting with an introduction of the 2011–2012 board: Debbie Ginsberg, immediate Past Chair, Cindy Bassett, Secretary/Treasurer, Dan Blackaby, outgoing Member-at-Large, Tom Boone, Member-at-Large, and Jason Eiseman, Vice Chair/Chair-elect.  She then thanked the sponsors of the CS-SIS Breakfast and noted the two vendor attendees, Dick Spinelli from William S. Hein & Co. and Michael Bernier from Bloomberg Law/Bloomberg BNA. Other sponsors were LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters, and WoltersKluwer Law and Business.

Approval of Minutes
First order of business was the approval of last year’s minutes by voice vote.  The minutes are posted on the website.  Debbie Ginsberg so moved and Jean Willis seconded the motion and it was passed by the membership. There is no old business.  The Chair then welcomed all new members of CS-SIS and asked that they stand so we would know to greet them after the business meeting.

Remembrance and Awards
CS-SIS recognized Liz Glankler for her contributions to the SIS. We have made a donation to St. Jude’s in her name from CS-SIS. Ken Hirsh spoke about Liz, particularly noting her devotion to her family, friends, and CS as well as her gung-ho attitude.  We raised a glass in tribute to her.

CS-SIS member, Jean Willis, is the third winner of the AALL Volunteer Service Award for her significant contributions of time and energy in service to the organization.   CS-SIS has benefited from her leadership and commitment as she has served on the CS-SIS board and as the chair of the recruitment and involvement committee. Congratulations to Jean!

The 2012 Hirsh Award winner is Bonnie Shucha from the University of Wisconsin Law Library.  The Hirsh Award was established to honor a CS-SIS member who has made outstanding contributions to the SIS, to AALL, and who is well regarded for their service to the profession. Bonnie has been a CS member since 2000 and has served as co-coordinator of the Web 2.0 challenge, Emerging Technologies Committee co-chair, Blawgs Committee co-chair, Grants Committee and Job Descriptions committee member as well as serving as Member-at-Large and Chair of the SIS.  Congratulations, Bonnie!

Financial Report
Secretary/Treasurer, Cindy Bassett, delivered a financial report for CS-SIS.  In July 2012 there were 455 members of the CS-SIS, down from 473 from July 2011. As of March 31, 2012, we had $11,625.00 in our account. This is about $850 more than the same time last year.  

Committee Reports

Adaptive Technology; Ryan Overdorf – The committee finished a report on accessibility of the new AALL website.

Communications; Tom Boone – The work of the committee this year was one dude working on re-launching the web site after a hack. It launched last fall with help from June Liebert in getting a domain over which we have complete control. Ryan did an accessibility report and Tom made changes based on that.  CS also hosted the local arrangements website this year.  The committee would like to get more posts going on the new blog.

Archives; Ken Hirsh – The committee has a plan mapped out for the Archives committee and will send email to membership.

Education; Caroline Young– This year the committee is live-streaming several sessions: the Hot Topic: Ebooks, HTML5, and the What’s It All About, Techie? sessions. 

  • Emerging Technologies Sub-committee; Kincaid Brown – reminded membership that the Cool Tools Café session takes place this morning.

Grants & Awards; Monica Sharum -  The committee awarded two Annual meeting travel grants, one to a new law librarian and one to an experienced law librarian. They were successful at putting the form online.  They provided nominations for the Ken Hirsh award and the AALL Innovations in Technology award.

Nominations; Debbie Ginsberg – The committee provided nominations for elections.  Kincaid Brown will be the incoming Member-at-Large and Susanne Leers will be the incoming Vice-Chair.

Program Planning 2012; Meg Kribble – CS-SIS offered a full-day workshop Going Mobile: Building Mobile Applications.  CS had 8 programs accepted by the AMPC and there were three others sponsored by CS at the Annual Meeting.

Program Planning 2013; Jason Eiseman - For next year there will be less SIS input on programming and no ranking by us of programs. But we will have opportunities that we can develop and we can definitely curate and help programing happen.  Annual meeting will be more structured.  There will be a limit on SIS meetings. AMPC member, George Taoultsides, will be our liaison. The submission will be later. Fill out survey from AALL in your email.  AMPC will look at the survey results and, if they don't get enough proposals in an area asked for by the membership, they will come back to the SIS to fill gaps.

Recruitment & Involvement; Jean Willis - Jessica Wittman and Ellen Qualey finished creating the CS-SIS Linked-In group which is up and running. Jim Kelly, Meg Kribble and Jean Willis recruited by sending out emails out to new members listed in the president’s emails to encourage them to consider joining CS SIS. Four wrote back and indicated that they were joining because of our email.  The Flickr site is close to being completed and will be announced soon.

Strategic Planning; Susan Boland – The committee looked contacted random members with surveys and also surveyed board.  They created a report, but will need to reconsider it due to changes in the planning process for programming at the Annual Meeting.

Chair Meg Kribble thanked outgoing board members, Dan Blackaby and Debbie Ginsberg, and welcomed Kincaid Brown, incoming Member-at-Large.  She presented gifts to all board members.  Meg turned the meeting over to Jason by the traditional passing the beanie.  A motion to adjourn was made by Dan Blackaby and seconded by Kris Niedringhaus.  Chair Jason Eiseman moved adjourned the meeting.