Strategic Plan

Every two years, the Strategic Planning Committee of the Computer Services SIS refines the previous strategic plan for the Computer Services SIS. The plan is intended to address the interests, needs, and talents of members of the section. It is presented for discussion and adoption for the year it is under review at the CS-SIS business meeting at the AALL Annual Meeting.

2011-2012 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The mission of the Computing Services Special Interest Section of the American Association of Law Libraries is:

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and knowledge concerning information technology related technology among law librarians and

To serve a leadership role in the ongoing professional development of law librarians as they evaluate, implement, and use new forms of technology at their institutions and organizations.

Strategic Direction I: Strategic Planning

CS-SIS will develop a strategic plan that reflects the desires and needs of the section through active and ongoing engagement with the CS SIS Membership (the “Membership”).


  • The Executive Board will charge the Strategic Planning Committee to investigate and draft a detailed strategic plan during the 2011-2012 program planning year.
    • The Strategic Planning Committee will implement feedback measures to solicit the Membership’s input. Feedback measures may include but are not limited to using established outlets such as the AALL Annual Meeting, CS SIS blog, and Law Librarian Conversations podcast, online surveys, virtual town halls, and regional chapter meetings.
  • The new Strategic Plan will address the future direction of the CS SIS for the next three years as provided for in the CS SIS By-laws.

Strategic Direction II: Archive of CS Data

CS SIS will establish procedures to collect and preserve the historical record of the CS SIS.


  • The Executive Board will designate a working group or task force dedicated to collecting and preserving the historical record of the CS SIS.
    • As part of its responsibilities, this group will recommend to the Executive Board whether a Standing Committee should be created to support this Strategic Direction.
  • The designated group will solicit members for documents created during CS SIS activities and operations that are distributed amongst the membership for deposit into an historical repository held by the CS SIS.
  • The designated group will employ standard archive procedures to inventory, organize, identify conservation/preservation issues, and draft an action plan to digitize and make this material accessible to the CS SIS.

Strategic Direction III: Education

CS-SIS Program Planning Committee will propose educational sessions that meet the advanced and basic educational needs of the Membership.


  • Identify educational needs of CS SIS Members
    • Educational needs of the Membership can be identified through tools such as online surveys distributed prior to the AALL annual meeting, throughout the year through the CS SIS blog and wiki, and at the program planning meeting held at the CALI annual conference and the AALL annual meeting.
  • Promote beginning and advanced level educational programs for CS SIS members that reflect the needs of the Membership
    • at traditional environments such as the AALL Annual Meeting and through the AALL Continuing Professional Education Committee, and
    • in remote environments through web conferencing

Strategic Direction IV: Outreach and Advocacy

CS-SIS will be recognized as a leading advocate and expert in the area of technology.


  • Be an active voice within AALL to provide emerging technology platforms for AALL member use.
    • The Program Planning Committee will establish nontraditional methods to engage the AALL membership at large through initiatives such as the Cool Tools Café, unconference events, and continued support for alternative nonAMPC educational programs at the AALL Annual Meeting and throughout the year.
  • Investigate emerging technologies and publish reviews in CS SIS news outlets
    • The Publications Committee is responsible for selecting at least twelve topics, including product reviews, for members to write about on the CS blog/web site on a monthly basis. Potential authors will include Grant recipients and others identified by the Recruitment and Involvement Committee.
  • Promote CS-SIS activities and resources
    • The Publications Committee will actively market all CS SIS programming through its blog, wiki and list serv outlets.
    • Record all CS SIS programs and make them available through the CS SIS web site

Strategic Direction V: Strengthen Membership and Leadership

CS-SIS will sustain a vibrant membership and encourage leadership among its members.


  • Facilitate networking opportunities between members and nonmembers through social events and educational programming
    • CS SIS will continue to support the AALL annual joint reception event with TS SIS, RIPS SIS, and OBS SIS
      • Ensure that new members attend the joint reception and encourage established CS SIS members to invite and accompany them
    • CS SIS Program Planning Committee will seek other AALL SIS and committee programming partners when appropriate
  • Encourage involvement with mentoring opportunities within AALL and CS SIS
    • CS SIS Recruitment and Involvement Committee will ensure continued and highly visible representation at annual CONELL events
    • Continue to support grants for new and experienced law librarians for attendance at the AALL Annual Meeting and other professional development opportunities
    • The Recruitment and Involvement Committee will work with the CS SIS Secretary in identifying new CS SIS members
      • to encourage participation in the Membership early in their careers, and
      • assign new members
Members of the Strategic Planning Committee 2010-2011:
Victoria Szymczak (chair)
Approved July 26, 2011