G7: Public Law Libraries in the 21st Century: An Opportunity to Rethink, Reinvigorate, and Redesign

2013 AALL Annual Meeting and Conference
Tue, Jul 16 10:15am - 11:45am
Public law libraries face many difficulties in fulfilling their unique mission. The session will focus on some of the successful efforts to serve varied patrons with a focus on providing services to the self-represented. Models of successful arrangements will be presented, as well as a discussion of models in Richard Zorza's report on the evolving role of libraries in the 21st century. The report, "The Sustainable 21st Century Law Library: Vision, Deployment and Assessment for Access to Justice," identifies best practices from those law libraries, and makes a series of recommendations for law libraries making this transition. The emphasis of this session will be on service models, but will include elements on how to seek additional funding sources and/or collaborate to stretch precious funding. Following the presentations, the moderators will further discuss the pros and cons of the speakers' main points, and engage the audience in the discussion.
CS Speaker(s): 
Montell Davenport (Speaker)