Navigating the New Program Proposal Process

On Friday, September 14, there was a brief webinar giving tips for this program proposal cycle.  A summary of what was covered follows.

The AMPC is looking for dynamic programs designed with high-level content and practical takeaways.  The most important thing in the mind of the AMPC is that programs should cover material that attendees can apply to their jobs and help them solve problems back at their own libraries.

The speakers emphasized that when designing programs it is important to keep the audience engaged.  Toward this end, interactive programs are more what the AMPC wants to see rather than the typical lecture.  Breakout groups, interactive polling, and debate format were identified as good alternatives to the lecture format.  The AMPC wants the takeaways from a program to be observable and measurable.

Further information for proposing programs is available at

The CS-SIS Executive Board recommends that CS member proposers should work with the CS-SIS Education Committee when designing a program.  The Education Committee can review your proposal and offer suggestions before submission and has a long history of submitting programs that have been accepted by the AMPC.